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Portraits of 2012

Well, it seems like every year gets busier and busier. For the photography industry, being busy is good. Not just because of a number or a status. No, it’s more than that…it means that people admire, respect and trust our work. More still, it means they value what we strive to provide them – memories.


When my mother passed away suddenly just over a year ago, one of the first things I did was to go through her home and look for photos of her. At first I struggled looking through them. It was hard knowing that this was all I had left, but it was also comforting to have these pieces of her, even from times before I was born. To remember, to tell a story, to hold tight.


That’s what makes what we do so important. The images that we capture for people become treasures that become even more valuable as time passes on. That is one reason Brandon and I love what we do so much. Capturing a baby’s first week, the hug of a mother and a daughter, the sweet laughter of a child when dad is being silly, or a teen with eyes bright about the next step in life. Those are the things that make life so sweet.


And those are the things I hope you see in our images. Love…laughter…life.


To view images larger, click on the photo then hover mouse on the right of the photo, then click for the next photo.

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