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Erin & Luke – Romantic Downtown Engagement Session in Cookeville, Tennessee

Erin and Luke have been an item for 5 years now. After much prayer and a lot of heart searching, they made their commitment official not too long ago with a ring and a wedding plan. Luke is a tech-genius and Erin has a heart for teaching, but they both share a deep faith in God and are active in their church. When we met with these two, we instantly hit it off. Not only did we discover we have several mutual friends, but we also share a lot in common – in fact, Luke is a photographer himself!

This couple was so wonderful in front of the camera, as you’ll see (they’re naturals!) but what I really want to share with you is that these locations are special to them and the depot area holds an important place in their heart since it was the site of their first date. While the date wasn’t flawless, Luke was ready to jump in with both feet and the rest is history…or is it the future?

We can’t wait to witness their wedding vows and celebration next June because we know Luke and Erin are a wonderful match and will do whatever they can to show their love to each other.

This is where it began – they met up and sat at this bench before heading to Cream City for ice cream.

Talk about adorable!

Thank you for going to crazy lengths (or heights!) to get this last shot guys! <3

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Amanda & TJ – Fall Wedding at Historic Standing Stone in Livingston, Tennessee

Amanda and TJ may have taken longer than they liked to find each other, but they’re certainly making up for lost time now. These two faithful souls held a very special wedding at a very special location and invited friends that were as close as family. This isn’t hard to do with Amanda, because to know her is to love her, and I am certainly I’ve never been told “I love you” more by a bride on her wedding day. Amanda has a heart of gold and from what I hear and have seen, TJ’s matches perfectly. They are devoted to each other in a strong way and even their vows were sealed on the hottest day of October, those words won’t be forgotten. The beauty in the meaning from the details to the location, to the tie that TJ wore – everything was tediously thought out and prayed for. These two are even more beautiful than their wedding – take a look at some snippets from their special day.

Amanda’s bouquet on the rock wall her great grandfather helped to build.

Special details were hidden everywhere

Gunnels Florist outdid themselves with these amazing florals

White pumpkins grown JUST for this wedding (makes my heart happy)

This tiny fan wasn’t QUITE enough to cool them down, but as you can tell, he didn’t mind.

Amanda is “Mimi” to so many adorable littles, and she made sure they all had a special role in her wedding

Confetti bombs for the win

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Amanda & Chandler – Sentimental Hometown Engagement Session in Cookeville, Tennessee

Brandon has been friends with Chandler longer than I’ve even known him. Chandler and his family have always been so good to Brandon, and to me as well. We’ve loved our friendship with him and have watched him and walked beside him through some highs and a lot of lows. When Chandler met Amanda, we were so excited to hear about her. But after Chandler was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and had surgery to remove it, we really saw Amanda in action. She was so devoted and caring, always by his side and there for every step of the process. This was when we knew they likely had a great future ahead. Amanda has the most adorable and sweet little boy who accompanied us on our engagement session. He is a star wars fan for sure, but no one can out-star-war Chandler, and they get along great. When Chandler was ready to propose, we spent many a night on the phone with him hearing about his plans for the future, talking though proposal plans, and I even got to help give approval on the ring. I know I say this a lot, but we are truly honored to be such a special part of this couple’s love story and to capture their wedding photos. After the bumpy road that led them to each other, we are expecting so much happiness. I think they’re already pretty happy – can you tell by these photos??


Where these two met: Cookeville First United Methodist Church

Chandler really wanted to incorporate some of his family history, so we snapped a few pics in front of his grandfather’s photography studioCookeville kids through and through

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Caroline & John – Intimate Fall Wedding at Evins Mills in Smithville, Tennessee

John and Caroline’s wedding day was so perfect and so them. Neither enjoy the spotlight so they were both nervous when we arrived. But all we had to do to soothe one of them was to mention the other one (or the Titans) and they instantly smiled. Since they’re huge Titans fans and never miss a home game, John proposed at a recent game AND got them onto the field for the national anthem. To everyone’s surprise, they did manage to miss a home game for their Sunday wedding, but I heard rumors that some of the fellas had the game on and were able to see parts of the victory against the Eagles!

These two have been together through lots of happy moments, and some heartbreaking times as well, so they were already familiar with sticking together through ups and downs and had great practice for the marriage vows they’d soon take. Their commitment is visible and they are so devoted to each other. It’s a kind of love is beautiful to watch, and we loved being witness to their promise to forever love each other. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two darlings! 

Had to snag this shot of Brandon helping John fix his shirt upstairs …Lord forgive me but I totally love this moment when John tripped over Caroline’s dress…

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Stacie & Trey – Summer Downtown Knoxville City Engagement

Stacie & Trey travelled from their home in Atlanta all the way to Knoxville for their engagement session because of the special place the downtown area holds in their hearts. Their story began while students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and though they didn’t immediately hit it off, (and because Trey didn’t reply to Stacie’s message for an entire year!!), they sure have made up for it since. Last Christmas, Trey took Stacie back to the scene of their first encounter. This time, he was prepared with a plan to woo her into becoming his wife. They went to see a play at the Tennessee theatre, stopped by their favorite pub, and on the way out stopped in Market Square as rose petals were laid on the ground and Stacie’s family was hiding in the bushes to witness Trey propose. So, of course we revisited these special spots for their engagement session. The weather wasn’t freezing this time – we sweated as Tennessee threw out all the humidity it could muster, but it was well worth it for these two and their precious love story. Very soon, they’ll be traveling to Cookeville for their wedding, and we had such a fun time with them recently that we can’t wait to hang out more for the big day.

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