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John and Caroline’s wedding day was so perfect and so them. Neither enjoy the spotlight so they were both nervous when we arrived. But all we had to do to soothe one of them was to mention the other one (or the Titans) and they instantly smiled. Since they’re huge Titans fans and never miss a home game, John proposed at a recent game AND got them onto the field for the national anthem. To everyone’s surprise, they did manage to miss a home game for their Sunday wedding, but I heard rumors that some of the fellas had the game on and were able to see parts of the victory against the Vikings!

These two have been together through lots of happy moments, and some heartbreaking times as well, so they were already familiar with sticking together through ups and downs and had great practice for the marriage vows they’d soon take. Their commitment is visible and they are so devoted to each other. It’s a kind of love is beautiful to watch, and we loved being witness to their promise to forever love each other. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two darlings! 

Had to snag this shot of Brandon helping John fix his shirt upstairs …Lord forgive me but I totally love this moment when John tripped over Caroline’s dress…

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Stacie & Trey travelled from their home in Atlanta all the way to Knoxville for their engagement session because of the special place the downtown area holds in their hearts. Their story began while students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and though they didn’t immediately hit it off, (and because Trey didn’t reply to Stacie’s message for an entire year!!), they sure have made up for it since. Last Christmas, Trey took Stacie back to the scene of their first encounter. This time, he was prepared with a plan to woo her into becoming his wife. They went to see a play at the Tennessee theatre, stopped by their favorite pub, and on the way out stopped in Market Square as rose petals were laid on the ground and Stacie’s family was hiding in the bushes to witness Trey propose. So, of course we revisited these special spots for their engagement session. The weather wasn’t freezing this time – we sweated as Tennessee threw out all the humidity it could muster, but it was well worth it for these two and their precious love story. Very soon, they’ll be traveling to Cookeville for their wedding, and we had such a fun time with them recently that we can’t wait to hang out more for the big day.

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Allison and Jonathan (“Nonnie”) have been together for years. They have, in a way, grown into adulthood together. Their love goes way back and it’s been tested and has stood true. Allison found us via instagram and luckily we had an unexpected opening on their wedding day, so she started chatting with us and before we knew it we had a skype date and got to meet the family. Nonnie was about to put their ADORABLE 2-year-old down but we got to chat with him long enough to immediately like him as well as Allison. And although our photo session flew by so quickly, we loved our time with them. There were several times I had to stop Brandon and Nonnie from chatting just so we could take more photos! These two were troopers with the July heat, insane humidity, and a-zillion mosquitoes that followed us everywhere. Their sweet son even popped in a few photos and gave us the cutest smiles you ever did see. Their wedding is so very soon and we can’t wait to spend more time with this genuinely awesome couple. Here are some of our faves from their engagement session.


Did you see the heart in the middle of the diamond from the light. Did you???

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Madison and Logan’s wedding day…where do I begin? I want to tell you how beautiful it was, how gorgeous the florals and the decor was, how fun the wedding day was…but I think it all pales in comparison to the love these two have. Madison is so enamored with Logan, and Logan would do literally anything within his power to make Madison smile. Their patience with each other is something we noticed. On a hot, HUMID sunny day in June and a busy schedule ahead, these two wanted nothing more than to enjoy their special day. The excitement was thick in the air as they exchanged gifts, the girls singing in the bridal suite and the fellas joking in the groom’s suite. But Madison and Logan were each calm and happy, simply ready to become married to each other.

They incorporated their parents into their day so well and the bridal party was ready to have fun despite the sweat that ensued. This day was thought about, planned for and prayed about so many times, and you can tell. It was a godly day, and we loved the joy that radiated from everyone from the moment we arrived until we slinked to the car at the end of the night. This wedding team was amazing in every way and we loved everything about it.

Here is the highlight reel…I realize there are a ton of images, we just really couldn’t narrow it down any more :)

Prepare yourself for the sweetest dad look EVER…

Venue: Del Monaco Winery

Bridal attire: The White Room

Florals: Mitchell White of The Clark House

Catering: Half Acre Farms Catering

DJ and lighting: Tyrone Carver with Mystique Productions

Cake: Tammy Capps

Videography: Colling Films

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We had just pulled up to the wedding, and beside our car walked a bridesmaid named Anessa. She greeted us warmly, kept a smile on her face all day in the blistering June heat and was so helpful in her duties to her bride Julianne (wedding here). Luke was the groom Jake’s brother and the most loyal and loving best man we’d ever seen. He’s not afraid to show emotion, which we LOVE.

After the wedding we kept up through facebook and watched as the two graduated high school and eventually got engaged. When Anessa contacted us about her wedding, we were so thrilled to get the chance to work with each of them again.

For their engagement session, Anessa hoped for an outdoor session on her family’s farm in Granville. Though Luke is not an “outdoorsy” type whatsoever, he will very clearly do anything at all to make his girl happy. From walking in a creek bed, to laying on a bridge, running in a hay field and even standing on top of Brandon’s truck for a sunset silhouette, this guy braved all his fears of nature, heat, bugs, dirt and heights. And we are so glad.

Anessa glowed with happiness and Luke surprised himself with how much fun he had taking photos. It was a session we truly didn’t want to end, and we loved the results. This couple has been so patient waiting for their time to come, and for these photos to hit the blog, and we can’t admire and thank them enough for their love and patience. We also are very excited about hanging out with them more as we plan their wedding next June.

Fun fact: these photos were taken just one week shy of a year from the first time we met them, and exactly one year to the day of their upcoming wedding.

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