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You may remember seeing Jake and Julianne’s engagement blog post not too long ago. If you read that or if you just know them, I don’t have to tell you how absolutely precious these two are. Not only together, but as individuals as well. Both of these two young people are caring, compassionate and genuinely nice people. What I didn’t know, is just how much their wedding day would display Jake’s protection and love for Julianne. You see, Julianne had been very ill the week before their wedding with doctor visits and IVs, meds and rest. When she felt great on wedding day morning, we were all relieved. Unfortunately the heat at this gorgeous summer wedding would prove to be too much and cause all of the energy she had mustered up to turn on her and fail her. But I’ve never in my life seen someone so sick look so beautiful or act so gracefully.


Looking through this day you’d never know she was struggling, because she held all of her poise and beauty so well. And Jake was her strength each time she would feel sick again. It helps that he’s a nurse and knew exactly what to do for her. This couple displayed so much strength and dignity during these bumps in the road and their family and bridal party was right beside them every step of the way. Speaking of which, we left this wedding with such full hearts because every person we encountered was so incredible to us. So loving, so encouraging. One member of the family even made me (Lindsay) cry when I hugged her bye with her precious words of encouragement to me.


It was so breathtakingly beautiful from start to finish and I wish my words did it justice but I suppose the photos will have to do. Here are some highlights from this amazing wedding day.


On the right, her grandmother’s necklace…I think we decided she looked like Elizabeth Taylor. Consequently, also her grandmother’s name. This first look, y’all. The sweetest girls. And I still know all of their names :)These fellas were awesome too. Although one got “fired”, we let him back in. Brandon always kills with groomsmen shotsMitchell White with the florals <3This next set of photos is ABSOLUtELY POSITIVELY why you should build at least a few minutes of golden light photos into your timeline.

Yes, even when you have a first look.

This sweet couple trusted when we told them to run with us to this field, and I’m betting they’re glad they did…I was SQUEALING!!! I died. I am dead. I can’t tell you how happy this image makes me!When we tell our brides to get longer sparklers, they have time for a little fun. At this point, our couple was already gone in the getaway car, and their parents each took a turn through the line! So cute!

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Sarah met Scott at summer camp. They were both camp counselors but didn’t think there was enough in common to even try getting to know each other. Until they did. And they hit it off – to everyone’s surprise. Since they both are nature lovers and often can be found outdoors: hiking, kayaking, and the like; we wanted to ensure that their engagement session reflected the relaxed and natural feel that they’re both used to. We began in Dogwood park and enjoyed the roses and walkway before heading to Cane Creek for what was a perfect afternoon and even more perfect sunset. If you’ve had a session with us, you know that I (Lindsay) have trouble stopping and often promise “just one more” which is almost always a lie. But with these guys, we finished up with their session and on the way back to the car, we were treated to an amazing sunset over the lake and I couldn’t help but shoot another small series with the color reflecting on the water. They were such good sports and didn’t complain at all, just laughed their way through it and loved on each other like champs. It was an amazing session and we are so excited for their 2018 wedding at one of our favorite local venues, the Saltbox Inn.


Seriously, YALL do you see the heart shaped hole in this rose? How perfect??!

I mean…the sunset just was too perfect. See what I mean??

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Sometimes it rains on a wedding day. Sometimes, there are tornado warnings on a wedding day. Emily and Matt’s big day was full of rain, AND tornado warnings. Luckily they both had AMAZING attitudes and cared only about finally marrying each other, rain or shine. Their wedding plans were vast, and they chose a location with a great covered area that still had natural beautiful soft light and protected these guys from the high winds and pelting rain. There were brief stints which we broke outside as the skies cleared, and it was absolute perfection. I truly think that more than anything, Matt and Emily were truly just so happy to be where they were, and that on that day they would become husband and wife, titles they had dreamt about for so many years of their time together.


With an amazing support team of vendors and bridal party, their family and friends gathered around inside the lovely ball room and watched as this glowing bride walked grinning toward her groom. His dad, standing proudly between them helped them vow the rest of their lives to one another and I can guarantee you the weather wasn’t on ANYONE’S mind at that point. Tears and smiles were all the showered this couple for the rest of their day, as they danced and celebrated in pure joy at their union. We can’t thank them enough for their graciousness, their patience and their trust as we worked hard to capture these portraits that would be forever etched in their memories, and will be proudly displayed in their album for generations to come.


Matt and Emily, you made a hard job easy with your precious personalities, and we are so happy for you guys. AND, we can’t wait to see you again very soon!


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Lydia and Brandon are some of the absolute cutest sweetest people we’ve met. We didn’t have much time to get to know them before the wedding day but they still treated us like family, trusted us completely and we loved our time with them. We started the day with getting ready images which always helps to move into the rhythm of the day, and then headed toward the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Livingston for their ceremony. Guests were elated to see these two commit to each other and a delightful Rolls Royce getaway car awaited them after their vows were said and marriage license signed. The reception resumed at the always perfect Saltbox Inn and Stables in Cookeville and we had great weather and afternoon light for some gorgeous couple portraits. It was just simply a beautiful celebration from start to finish. And the party continued after we left, I’m telling you they were having so much fun! Here’s a glimpse into this super sweet wedding day.

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If I had to pick one word to describe Corbin and Adam’s wedding day, I’d pick “FUN!” It was truly one of the most enjoyable weddings and every single person was SO. MUCH. FUN. We had a chili and rainy day but it cleared just in time for portraits on the patio with an amazing bridal party. We simply loved being with Corbin and Adam to celebrate their love and commitment to each other, and I can’t say enough about their amazing amount of support. Bridal party, family and an amazing team of vendors came together to make this wedding a perfect one.

As you’ll see from the images, their vows were full of laughter and their whole day was simply joyous. Never had we seen a more relaxed bride as she prepared and never before had we seen a groom so truly happy after the ceremony. These guys have been ready to be husband and wife for so long and they finally got to have their moment, their day, to celebrate that union. Here are a few snippets from their amazing wedding at the Standard in Knoxville. 

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